İUC Institute of Cardiology Broke New Ground in the Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation Treatment in Turkey

A patient with heart failure and valve regurgitation was treated by a minimally invasive procedure for the first time in Turkey at İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Institute of Cardiology.

Doctors of Institute of Cardiology Prof. Dr. Barış Ökçün, Doç. Dr. Ahmet Yıldız, Doç. Dr. Okay Abacı and Dr. Barkın Kültürsay performed a minimally invasive treatment for an 86 years old patient with tricuspid valve regurgitation, who previously was told by different hospitals that surgery is not possible for him and he can be treated only in abroad because of his age. 

Since the minimally invasive treatment reduces the risk of possible complications and other surgical side effects (such as other illnesses, recovery after surgery, risk of infection) for patients with old age, it is believed that success rate of the treatments for heart failures due to tricuspid valve regurgitation will increase with this method.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldız who gave details about the procedure indicated that the number of people who are over 60 years of age in Turkey is expected to reach 15 million by 2023. He added that in Turkey, every 1 or 2 patients out of 100 are suffering from heart failure, this ratio rises to 10% with the patients over age 70 and to 20% with the patients over age 80.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yıldız said an open heart surgery is too risky because of the patient’s old age and continued:

“Thanks to technological developments, there are various new treatment methods available today. One of these methods is the one we operated for the first time in Turkey. In this method, a valve is placed in the large veins near the right atrium. This valve prevents the backflow of blood and might end the complaints such as swelling of the abdomen and feet. For our patient, we placed two valves in total, one in the superior vena cava and another one in the inferior vena cava. The procedure took place in an angiography laboratory and lasted for 45 minutes. The biggest advantage of the operation is that there was no need for general anesthesia. As in angiography, the operation was done by cardiac catheterization. There was no opening of the chest or cutting of bones. The patient will be moved to the department the next day and will be discharged after three days.”

Yıldız highlighted that this method is designed for the treatment of tricuspid valve regurgitation and implemented around 100 times in the World for now.

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