World Intellectual Property Day and Patent Week Event Held with the Partnership of IUC-PROTEK, Istanbul TTO, and Adres Patent Co. Ltd.

Within the World Intellectual Property Day and Patent Week Event, a panel on “Commercialization and Valuation of Patents and Distribution of Rights and Income in Universities” organized at Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa Engineering Faculty Conference Hall.

Vice Rector of Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa Prof. Dr. Erol İnce, Deputy manager of IUC-PROTEK Asst. Prof. Muhammed Ali Aydın, and the Chairman of the Board of Adres Patent Co. Ltd. Attorney Ali Yüksel were present during the panel on the 26th of April.

The panel executed as two sessions. Prof. Dr. Erol İnce made the opening speech and moderated the first session of the panel. In his opening speech, Prof. Dr. İnce pointed out that, since three years Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa is the first among the universities in Turkey on the matter of the number of patent applications made. 

“Among the patents we have, we are working to identify the ones that can contribute to the national economy and bring those into the market,” he added.

As the first speaker of the first session on commercialization and valuation of patents, Attorney Ali Çavuşoğlu, member of the board of directors of Adres Patent Co. Ltd., made a presentation on “Patent Valuation Criteria and Procedures”. Atty. Çavuşoğlu informed the audience about the functions of patent valuation on production and sales stages.

After him, freelance technology transfer consultant, TTO specialist Barkın Arak gave a speech on “Technology Maps and Patent Valuation”. Later on, Arçelik Inc.‘s Team Leader of Intellectual Property Rights Department Volkan Hamamcıoğlu explained the details of the process of patent commercialization in the private sector during his “Effects of Intellectual Property on Profitability” presentation.

The first session of the panel concluded with a Q&A section that held afterward Arkan Group’s CEO Özcan Arkan’s speech about the licensing agreement between IUC and Arkan Group for Pine Smart diapers, which was developed by Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine academic members and can detect the infection-related diseases with a urine sample.

The second session of the panel was on the matter of Distribution of Rights and Income in Universities and moderated by the Chairman of the Board of Adres Patent Co. Ltd. Attorney Ali Yüksel. Özlem Sevinç Tigin, Intellectual Property and Commercialization Coordinator of ARİNKOM TTO, made the first presentation of this session regarding “The New Industrial Property Law”.

Following her, Head of the Department of Commercial Law at Akdeniz University Prof. Dr. Ayşe Odman Boztosun and Director of Intellectual Property Rights and Licencing Department of İstanbul TTO Savaş Gürdal continued to enlighten the audience.

The panel concluded with the success stories of patent commercialization from academics. Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Baki Albayrak from İstanbul Aydın University Faculty of Medicine shared the national and international patent application and evaluation and development process of the retractor developed by him and his colleague Prof. Dr. Ayhan Olcay.

Lastly, Prof. Dr. Şah İsmail Kırbaşlar, Manager of the Institute of Graduate Education at IUC, shared the foundation story of Turkish Aviation Institute established to perform psychological tests to pilots and pilot candidates at Turkish Airlines.

Editor and Translator: Rabia Öztürk

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