Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa Completed the Zero Waste Project

Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa rapidly and comprehensively completed its obligations regarding the Zero Waste Project, and became the first ever state university that put this project into practice.

The Zero Waste Project has been launched by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for waste reduction and prevention, efficient usage of sources and installation of efficient waste collection systems.

The Ministry recently implemented this project at all of the public institutions and demanded from each of them to carry out a four-stage procedure. In this respect, Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa fulfilled all stages of the procedure in three months, and as of the April 15, the Zero Waste project is carried out at all of its campuses.

The Head of the Environmental Engineering Department and the Zero Waste Project Coordinator of IUC Prof. Dr. Bülent Armağan said, “Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa notified the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Ministry on the matter of accomplishment of all preliminary stages and is waiting for authorities to investigate the process,” during his interview.

“Within the scope of the procedure, directors of all units; 450 academic members, administrative staff and cleaning staff of Engineering faculty had received the related education, and the education process is still continuing at other faculties. Moreover, we are going to give education to public institutions and organizations in İstanbul about the implementation of the Zero Waste Project with more than 150 academic and student volunteers. In this regard, all of the volunteers received the necessary training,” he explained.

Prof. Dr. Armağan added that there is an ongoing preparation for a management plan for integration of recycling of batteries, medical waste and hazardous waste to the content of the Zero Waste Protocol. 

In addition, he mentioned that the groundwork for the Zero Waste Project is contributing to the Green Campus project aiming to transform all IUC campuses to a green campus, in which a wastewater treatment system is planned in Avcılar campus as an addition to the current wind power plant and solar energy system.

Interview and Photographs: Gamze Karakaş Sucuka, Merve Gökalan

News writers: Suzan Çiçek: Hasan Yaman

Editor and Translator: Rabia Öztürk

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