First Comer of the Higher Education Entrance Exam (YKS) Chose Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa

Higher Education Entrance Exam’s (YKS) first comer Mustafa Emir Gazioğlu chose Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa. Among him, twelve students from the top 100 of YKS participants enrolled to Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine.

Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa has begun to accept its first students since its partition from Istanbul University and 98% of its quotas of all faculties and vocational schools for 2019 – 2020 academic year got filled.
“Since the faculty carries on as it used to be, the partition did not affect the number of students enrolled in our university in any way. There is no change in the competence of the faculty and the number of students that got in. Moreover, Cerrahpaşa English Faculty of Medicine came into prominence as the highest ranked Faculty of Medicine in Turkey,” said Prof. Dr. Nuri Aydın, Rector of the University to NTV News.

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